Stroke Neurological Rehabilitation Training 

Training Sessions at your home or local gym to help you achieve your goals.

Case Study - Article Written by Jack Chapman

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1 - We will Train with you at Home or the Local Gym to achieve the goals,

2 - We will need a GP note that we will supply at your Consultation meeting

3 - Bring a committed and open mindset to train.

4 - Training Packages to suit your budget,

5 - Training 1- 2 times per week with us.


  • Stroke specific resistance training;
  • Task related functional movement;
  • Physical coping strategies;
  • Standing, Walking, Getting down on the floor 
  • Restore normal function;
  • Stroke recovery.

ANRI Stroke Rehab Welling 

Training sessions can take place in lying, sitting or standing. To build confidence we will carefully push the person out of their comfort zone whilst in a safe environment. We give more independence to the person by helping them realise their own present capability.

We show a series of daily function movements to the client and help the person practice them with the aid of a trained instructor. We come to your home and help you regain your confidence and push you to train hard. Work hard and achieve your goals!

We also sell Exercise boards, Exercise Bands, Hand Grippers and Squeeze Balls to help with your training.

"I can stand up on my own now and I walked today a couple of steps for the first time since my Stroke six months ago" - Abbeywood 2016


"Jack is a very kind and generous person, but when your training with him doing Stroke Sessions he pushes you in a way of making  you do more then you thought you could do, a very dedicated young man, Ive achieved so much already " - Thamesmead - 2016

Stroke Rehab Welling 

  • Walking;
  • Sit to stand;
  • Balance control;
  • Grip and release
  • Building up muscle strength;
  • Getting up from the floor;
  • Getting down to the floor;
  • And many other useful techniques for a person recovering from neuro-injuries and stroke.
Stroke Rehab Welling


A lot of stroke survivors are sadly told "You will never walk again", "We can't do any more for you" or "You will never use that hand again".

We pick you up were the NHS Physio Team finish with you 

Many people have gone on to stand, walk unaided and use their hands and even start training at their local gym again, with our help  - hard work, training, and a positive and open mind will help you achieve your goals

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