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Follow Up Therapy Sessions

Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy 

Are you in PAIN?

Are you ready for Us Help You! 

We aim to help you out of PAIN and back to health in 1 - 6  Sessions.

1st Session is a Consultation, History, Movement Tests and Therapy Session

Our 4 x 1 Hour Sessions help get you out of Pain, Helps get back your Mobility, after this time we carry on seeing you each 4 - 6 weeks to maintain your current goals and posture management.

Pain is caused by a number of factors such as Bad Posture, Injury's, Quick Movement, Carrying small children on the hip, Carrying a bag on the shoulder, Kneeling on a hard surface, Carrying a wallet in a back trouser pocket, Stress of our busy lifestyles.

Can you change your habits to help your posture?

Think of how you sit on a chair - Do you lean on one side and cross your legs ? Can you sit in a better position to help your neck and shoulders ? Sitting on the sofa watching the television -

Do you sit with legs to the side of you or even worse with the laptop balanced on the sofa arm ? Can you reduce the amount of time on your computer or sit in a better position to help your back and hands ?

Ironing - Do you Iron your teenagers clothes, Iron,socks, pants and towels,? Can you reduce the amount you iron to help your shoulder ?

Think of moving your wallet from your back pocket, if a thief hasn't taken it then move it anyway as it can give you low back pain.

Try not to carry young children on your hip although a lovely bundle of joy it's still like carrying a sack of potatoes around your waist causing you hip pain.

 Jack Chapman Clinical Massage Therapist

Our Aim

Our aim to get you the best results, reduce the pain and restore you back to health quickly. 

2 - 6 sessions depending on the situation and for the length of time it has been in this condition.

BE Aware a one off session will NOT fix a long standing pain problem you will need a few sessions depending on the situation - twice a week, weekly, fortnightly or monthly to help reduce your pain and gain mobility back, the pain will return if not treated properly, this is why our Package system is in place.

Although you will feel great after one session please re - book with us as we may not be able to fit you in so quickly if you leave without re - booking. 

1st Session and Consultation a full Medical History, Tests, Scan of posture and movement is carried out before your treatment. We will use a number of different techniques and stretches to help you.

2nd Session and Follow Ups decrease in Pain and Mobility slowly starts returning until we have helped you achieve your goals, we then follow with life style catch up sessions.

Hot and Cold Therapy or Rocking applications are used for any pain relief and to lower any inflammation if required.

Releasing methods and Stretches are used to pin point the main muscle pain locations using deep releasing methods.Muscle Tissue and Stretching techniques are used to release the muscle tissues causing pain and help the body to heal itself.

Don't be surprised if we work on another body part or somewhere else to were you are feeling pain or we just stop and wait for a while its all done to achieve the greatest results for you.

Tapping can be used if we feel that this will benefit with supporting the body healing process and helping correct posture, we use ROCK TAPE.

Jack Chapman Clinical Massage Therapist 

Re-booking Remember to bring your dairy to re-book your next session, although you may feel great after the first session, several sessions may be needed.

Home Work - YES you also need to play a part in your recovery, Stretch exercises and advice on Hot and Cold therapy will help you recover quicker.

It is a good idea to eat healthy, drink plenty of water, exercise, stretch, sleep and have regular massage therapy to maintain your body health. 

Jack Chapman Clinical Massage Therapist 

To get relief from your aches and pains all you need to do is book in for your FREE 30 minute 'Get relief from aches and pains consultation' by calling Jack on 07860 227774 today